Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well after the last dark post I would like to let everyone know that all is well. The last few days it has really gotten rolling. The weather is very unpredictable, but in all the trend in the temperature is up. Most of the day today it was sunny and warm (a balmy -10 Celsius or 14 Fahrenheit) so we were able to get a flight in with some more of our food, not that we are low, just that it was there and it filled out the plane along with the two additional snowmobiles and the epifluorescent microscope and balance we needed to get some real science done. Although as I write this it is snowing hard and the visibility has dropped to less than 500 meters. Good thing we got the plane in earlier because they would wave off the landing now.

Here are some more pictures from late last and earlier this week:

Crew drill training

Thawing out a cold generator

Crew Meeting

Arctic wolf tracks

My first EVA

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sharron said...

Glad things are going well..the pictures are great too..The weather in our part of Texas is really nice..time for lots of yard work..good thing you are there..Just look at the tracks of the wild not follow them..Stay safe. Love U, Mom