Saturday, May 19, 2007


Just so everyone here can be in the know, we got the webcams up yesterday.

Here is the link:

We may be moving them around a bit over the next few days so check back often for different views. Also expect special messages on the floating camera every once in a while. If the message confuses you feel free to ask for clarification in the comments.


Dad said...

jim, Just had time to catch up on your adventures since last week. I playes in the annual Liberty Golf tournement, Paul came out and rode with me afor 9 holes, wished your had also been there, but we figured that you were having a ball in the far north(i lost in the second nine 3 holes with 2 left to play(match play, diff. scoring format. I checkes out the web cams look cool. I'm really glad that you had asled me about the hazards of the farnorth, and that I was abvle to tell you about some of the problems that you could run into. Especially the wx end of things. (such as the wx changing so rappidly) Never take a chance with the wx, you will always regret it. I am trying to get up to Pidcoke and check things out, but it has been heavy rains in that area of Tx ever since we got the land cleared off. I've talked to Mike at Chappereal Bldg's and they can't even get into their yard to0 pick up our bldg's, it's so wet. Paur and I(an maybe Preston) are going to try and get up there soon to burn those stumps abd check it our so that we can get the bldg's in place. Well, I've got lots of things to do today,so I'll sign off. MIss you and love you, take care and hello to all of your friends there. Love, Dad

Dad said...

Jim sorry, but I forgot to proof rean my note. Please forgive the typo's and misspelled words. As I said earlier I miss spell ck. Love, Dad

sharron said...

Hi There...I enjoy the is good to see you. How are the days going? Do you find it difficult getting to sleep since it does not get dark there? Do you all get down time are is it all work? Have you gotten to do anymore site seeing of what is around you outdoors? All is well here, getting humid and hot again and the really hot weather is yet to come. Remember the hot days here when you get cold there. Take care, stay safe. Love U, Mom