Friday, May 11, 2007


As I mentioned in the note to my last post the FXI LDM crew is finally together! Wednesday night Kathy flew in and Paul left for his return to the real world. We are going to miss Paul. The man is a machine with ADD and a force of nature. Some how with very little in the way of materials and the help of most the crew who came early we were able to get the Hab livable and safe.

Our plan is to start the simulation tomorrow. We will run through the 20th of August. Today the crew will go over our Sim rules and constraints and do some final work cleaning up and training on the snow machines and with the firearms in winter clothes. We think we have a good protocol in place for the core drilling now too. Chris McKay also sent us some more NASA sensors to deploy and I'll be inventorying those in the next few hours.

Now on to the main attraction, more pics:

Life clings in the cold

Hab and Footprints

Kathy's plane comes in for another pass

Austin, we have a microbiologist

The glamorous life!

The gaff tape SATA enclosure

Paul fixes the flag before he leaves, Marines eat anything too

Ry, Simon, Kim and Matt (Hab in the background)

Hey Preston, Lars, and Anaka, I told you I would see Santa's elves


Paul said...

Aw man...why you wanna rag on the little person?? too funny!! I'll make sure to tell P that you saw one of Santa's elves.

Baseball season is winding itself up....we're in the season ending tournament which is double elimination and we've already lost one (yesterday), so it shouldn't be much longer. The coach FINALLY moved him up to lead off and he's done exactly what I figured he would do..get on base every time!!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi....mothers day was nice and so were your flowers!!

take care bo...

Claudia said...

I showed Lars the picture and he sais : "Cool, and tell Santa, HI" LOL
Anika is in school I show her the picture later.