Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I got to go out again today after three days in the Hab. One of the the three was our self imposed day of rest on Sunday, but we were also waiting for the weather to let up a bit. Since Saturday it has been blowing snow and winds that probably gusted to 30 knots and we measured at a sustained 20+ on several occasions. Although sometimes it was sunny and looked nice, as soon as you went out the door and the wind hit, you knew better instantly.

Today that all changed for my one month anniversary on the island. We went to Lake Orbiter, or Orbiter Lake, depending on which map you look at, on what has been and probably will stay the furthest EVA site from the Hab. On the way we got to go by the big inukshuk, one of seven built to honor the fallen Columbia astronauts by the researchers of the Haughton Mars Project, including our XO Matt Bamsey.

Here are some photos from today:

Some very fresh wolf tracks

Arctic Spider Man?

Matt returns to the scene

Spider Man examines the avalanche

Crew, after dinner (photo by Kim, not pictured)

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sharron said...

Enjoyed the pictures and the history lesson...Hard to believe you have only been gone one month it seems much longer. I enjoy looking at the web cam pictures. Are the wolves white too?? Things here are wet, hot and humid. Take care, Love U, Mom