Sunday, May 27, 2007


Wow, just looked at the date and realized almost a week has passed since my last post. Sorry about that dear readers. Time really does fly here and there is so much to do. In the last week I've done a lot and gone on several EVA's. The weather for the last week has been uniformly beautiful. Highs near freezing (and a little above for yesterday and today), blue sky, unlimited visibility, and light winds. This has allowed us to deploy our sensors in the permafrost and start our drilling for the geology and biology studies.

Our sensor suite (provided by NASA's Chris McKay) includes remote units that measure temperature, humidity, light, methane, and we hope in the coming days to have some that measure CO2. We are deploying them above and below ground level and under snow. We hope they can tell us when life starts to bloom and in what conditions in the various types of permafrost and geological formations near the Haughton Crater. We also have a few prototype sensors that form a self reparable network. These are courtesy of Kim and some of her grad students at UH (that is Hawaii, not Houston folks...). I hope we can break those out soon too, along with the Georga Tech APRS radio setup.

In other news, we have a stable server, even if its storage subsystem (which I was so proud of...) is not. I'm working on my backup plan there which will require a bit more administrator intervention but still protect the data until I can sort out the storage array.

Here are some totally unrelated pictures:
Kim, Kim Binsted

James, James...


Ryan, Ryan Kobric

Can you see the Arctic gull?

Biology, and more biology

No caption needed

Fallen soldiers


Paul said...

Great pics....looks like you're losing some weight! We all miss you and hope you're having a wonderful time. Pres' last day of school is this Wednesday..we should find out if he tested into GT when he gets his report card.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I hope all's well!!

Claudia said...

Grat Pictures and great weather, it's raining here in Austin, again. Anika is getting really annoyed, schools out since Thursday and she has not had a chance to go swimming yet. Well she started summer Camp today, she'll be participating in the Musical "Annie". I am taking pictures and will send them somehow to you. Steve didnt' win at the BBQ cook off but he had a blast, even thou it was raining and man his brisket was good.
We miss you a lot.

Dad said...

Jim, Yea, I was getting a little on edge and wondering what was going on. But, glad everthing is o.k.. been meaning to ask, how long are your days,now? When they get to 24hr.s it geets a little un-settling, if memory serves me right. So, watch out for feelings showing and just remember, that it's all in your head. It's still raining from Austin to Dallas each week, so we are still unable to get the Buildings moved in. We'll let you know when we finally get them on the property. So, you'll take care, have fun and be careful. Thinking of you often, Dad

James Harris said...

Hi Paul, Claud, and Dad! Don't sweat it if you don't hear from me for a few days. Things are really rolling now and time to write is at a premium.

I am loosing weight. I may have to go in with our flight surgeon and copyright the FMARS Diet Plan for real. I've been less than 190 for a week now and still going down.

Claud, its good to hear about my goddaughter. One of these days we'll have to get her and Preston together. Sorry I have to miss both Little League and Annie this summer.

Dad, hate to break it to you, but the sun set for the last time several weeks ago. It was right after we arrived here for good. I have a picture of the last sunrise posted in here somewhere. I got to see the last sunrise this summer and I'll get to see the first sunset too!