Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Yesterday was a busy day. Most of the FMARS 11 LDM team arrived, minus Kathy who has stayed in Resolute to finish coordinating the final shipping. This is a bummer, but we have found that having a logistics support person in Resolute helps dramatically. Hopefully she can join us soon. In the meantime, have fun with the puppies Kathy! We also said goodbye to Jason, who left to go back home. He was a big help, letting Paul and I focus on getting the comms, electricity, and plumbing going

The plan was to unload the gear and then just settle in for a bit. Well, “the best laid plans…” and all that. It ended up being an engineering fest, with shelves getting built, a temporary solution for the stateroom electricity which is a mess, and lots of organizing. We have a lot of gear to stow, and very little Hab left to store it in. Creativity and organization is going to be a must here and on Mars.

According to Ryan we are already behind on our human factors stuff. Did I also mention that it will require the Internet to catch up? Well I suspect that will be the main objective for Paul and I today after the new satellite finder is charged. With any luck this will be the last entry Emily has to post for me and none of the rest of the crew will have to experience the severe internet withdrawal Paul and I went through last week. I work with the ‘net every day, but honestly never realized how important it really is to the way I work now and how isolated I would feel (and still feel at 4800baud) without it.

Time now for some personal notes - I see my family is still reading after my week long hiatus, so that is good. Thanks guys, at least I still have some readers. Paul, this is a family blog, and in this case “sign” meant tracks, very fresh tracks. I will show you some awesome pictures that Steve took when I get home, but he did give me permission to post a couple so you might see a few sooner. Dad, I’m planning to stay as far away form the bears as possible, but I do want to see one. Honestly, you sound like Mom, but I do appreciate the concern.

[Got this post this morning, but couldn't post it immediately because of finals. -Emily]


Paul said...

family blog huh?? lol..sorry! Can't wait to see the pictures!!! Watched a thing on HD the other night about a town up there that's the polar bear capital of Canada...they're beautiful animals but NOT something I'd wanna get anywhere near!! I'd honestly love to be there with looks BEAUTIFUL there. I'm glad you're getting to experience it!!

sharron said...

Glad to read the update, thanks to Emily. Glad too almost everyone has made it there. Sounds like the girls are trying to get you organized..tell them good luck, I tried for years. Everything is still good here..Love U, Mom