Saturday, April 7, 2007


In this note I'd like to bring the 73 folks that have visited my blog since I installed the counter up to date. I got the supplies order in to Paul so he can add his plumbing stuff (gas and water) then we can get it expedited to Resolute. I still have one more shipment to send too which includes the SATA RAID I mentioned in the to-do list. Then it is all to packing. I'm trying to get down to just one extra bag on the flight up. That would be my gun. If anyone doesn't realize why we need a gun on a scientific expedition I have two words for you - Polar Bear.

One last note and a genuflection to my almost non-existent (at least that I know of...) sponsors. I'm writing this on my Dell hardened ATG laptop using my PalmOne Treo 650 as a modem. I'm on the way back from Liberty, TX (where my fam lives) and saying bye to Mom, Bro, MeMom, and Preston. One of my friends at Dell hooked me up with this sweet machine at a very reduced price in exchange for some notes on how it performs in the Arctic for their engineers. The only reason I mention the Treo 650 is that I love it. However if anyone at Palm is reading this I could use some sponsor $$$. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck! Following your mission from Vancouver, BC Canada.

James Harris said...

Thanks Greg! I thought you were my cousin in Houston for a minute 'till I saw the Vancouver part. Glad to know someone is reading this - from Ottawa, James

Paul said...

Wow, I got mentioned in your blog....I'm honored!! lol.

Hope all's well for ya and hope you're having fun!! I'll be checkin' up on ya!!