Saturday, April 14, 2007


Time is a little short tonight (Saturday), so I'll try just posting some pictures from the flight up and Res and see if that will save me any time.

Well it didn't... 'net is real slow tonight. I'll have to resize the pics first, but now it is bed time.

Ok, Sunday morning. Trying again now that the weather is a bit better... Internet in Resolute is very dependant on how much snow and blowing snow there is at the moment.

Paul in Nanisivik (pronounced just like spelled)

Here is that beach shot for you Patti (yes, that is solid pack-ice)

Welcome to Resolute!

Some days you get da bar

And some days da bar, she get you.

Just kidding Mom, don't freak out.


sharron said...

Glad the bear is in a building...I guess there are no sea shells on that least you could not see them. Have a great day on your adventure of a lifetime....Love U!

Paul said...

Damnit...that's a big ass bear!! Hope you're having fun, the snow looks beautiful!!