Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Well today is mostly beautiful, mostly. Intermittent bouts of overcast and snow, but Polar Shelf says they are catching up on their behind flights. We should be able to go out to Devon for the day tomorrow. Since Paul and I are new to the Arctic Ozzie is sending us out with an Inuit guide to act as our advisor and teach us Arctic safety. Now its not like Paul is any slouch in this area, he has US Marine alpine survival school and I have some general knowledge picked up back when I used to be in shape, but this place is a totally alien environment to a boy from Texas. I'm glad we have good advisers.

We have been doing our best to make friends with the Polar Challenge 2007 organizers and survival instructors for the last few days and it is paying big dividends. They gave us some of their spare food and are letting us sit in on some of their Arctic training lectures too.

OK, OK, Geo, here are some more pics from Res from yesterday and today. Snowmobile stuff and the arrival of the Polar Challenge contestants:

Those two dots on the bay (yes , that is a frozen Resolute Bay) are me and Mark

My first closeup of a Twin Otter

Paul and the fire brigade baggage unloading for the Polar Challenge contestants

The favorite kilt of the Arctic!

Delivering gear to Polar Shelf

Home Sweet Home in the Arctic, and Tuk Tuk Ozzie's back door dog

Our friend Mark, the survival bloke with Polar Challenge

Paul, ready for some snowmobile action

Me, after crossing the bay on one of the Polar Challenge snowmobiles


Emily said...

Oh, wow. I have GOT to go next year. That is so amazingly beautiful. I wish, so much, that I was able to go. *tear*

Also, I just noticed that your blog is "Chef" Engineer. Bravo. :) At least the crew will eat well! Maybe I'll send you guys funny stories of my attempts to cook this summer.

sharron said...

Looks like you are still have a great time and wonderful experience. Things here are ok so continue on and stay well. Love U

georgi said...

Fantastic Fixit!!!!
Keep the photos coming...
Cheers man!