Friday, March 30, 2007


Since I need to post more often, I think I'll use this for some personal organization. For those interested this is what I'm working on right now for the mission. In order of overdue-ness:
  • Shipping my hand tools and a few crew supplies to Ottawa for staging to Resolute.
  • Ordering engineering supplies for the advance team (myself and Paul Graham who will arrive in Resolute on 12 April) and the crew.
  • Data storage system design and implementation(10-20 drive SATA Raid array and backup system, in a decidedly, how should I put this, custom configuration).
If any of the crew are reading this, what have I forgotten? Yes, packing my personal gear! Oh, and I think I forgot to mention here that my dentist found a small problem in my pre-mission exam. That necessitated a bit of oral surgery yesterday. If you look closely now I look like a real Canadian hockey player. Here is a pic in smiley form - :-:

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