Friday, July 13, 2007


One facet of the science work around here is "extra-vehicular activity". This is an Apollo era term for anytime astronauts are working outside the spacecraft. Some argue that "surface excursion" is a better term to use for exploring Mars since the hab is no longer a spacecraft per se, but more of a permanent structure and not a vehicle any more. I don't really fall to either side of the argument, but just call it EVA 'cause I always have.

EVA is not strictly in my job description on this trip, but it is our goal to do science in a Mars analogue way. That means that I do get to go outside in a spacesuit from time to time when someone else is not feeling well, the server is just too stable, or other needs arise. Here are some of those photos, as promised; some more of me in my usual role on EVA as safety dude, and other miscellaneous stuff:

Drilling out the core samples

Working the little drill in the field

Sterilizing the core bit

Oh, look a Martian

The remains of a musk ox in the distance

My usual pose on EVA

Since I'm usually taking the photos, this is a lot of what you see of me in most of the photos

Trinity Lake
(named by someone else for that school I went to a few years back...)

(It is hot in the Arctic this summer,
Al G. might just be right with his Global Climate Change thing?)


georgi said...

Fantastic photos man!!!!!

Hey are those visors on your helmets?
I bet they help keep you cool.


Dad said...

Jim, well, it's good to see you are outside in the
sun and fresh air, and reclining on your SUV. Your look very cool. Glad to see that all is going well and I can see now that you have lost quite abit of weight, good going. Well all is well in SE Texas and it is still wet(I've only played golf once, in the last 3 wk's) Well good to hear from you and keep well(Don't get sunburned. Ha-Ha) lOVE ALWAYS, Dad

Paul said...

Hey there...I keep coming back looking for more stuff from you and you're not keeping Since you are able to call everyone else except me, this is the only way I can talk to ya. I've needed you around lately but everything's cool..I guess I just miss you is all. 25 years ago I would have NEVER said Oh well, send me email when you can.

love ya bro..