Friday, July 27, 2007


These are areas that receive less than 10 inches (250mm) of precipitation per year. The Haughton Crater on Devon Island is one. So where did all that snow that I talked about come from? The answer is the wind. have no doubt we are in a desert here, just like West Texas, Southern Utah, Gobi, Sahara and even Mars. Also just like those places water is at a premium. We collect it and study how we use it, but we are in a desert. Today the creek we've been using for drinking water stopped flowing, so tomorrow we get to go farther to a nearby lake to get our water to drink, wash, and cook. For those that have been following the science reports on the FMARS2007 website the two we have chosen are Laval and Cornell. Both are close and tested clean for coliform bacteria so tomorrow we will take a little longer to get the water, but get it we will. For now some more pictures , and again apologies for it taking me so long to post, these are for Georgi and Paul (both of them this time):

Clouds Over Gemini Hills


Me Looking at Bird Tracks

Engineering samples

James at Laval

Like, Whoa Dude

Mars Girls in New Shirts


Paul said...

Great new pics dude.....the "engineering samples" one looks like a table set up to display a drug Things here are good, just finished up our shut down at work....I made some cash but I'm tired, tired!! Glad all's well on Mars and I want pics of that dang polar bear!!! Love ya, Paul.

PauloutWest said...

Nice pictures dude. Too bad about the extra trip for water. How much longer is it going to take you? Hopefully it won't make your already long day longer...

Take care dude!

The other Paul...

Dad said...

well, glad to see that you all didn't fall off the edge. It's been a long time in reporting, but you are all O.K., so all is well. We all wish that some of our rain would come you way, for we have way too much. Good to hear from you and glad that all is well.
That is about all that there is to tell from here. Love, Dad